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Project machine Xiang Zhonggao carries price of development rolled steel to begi
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Four quarters begin to reduce because of rolled steel price later, the cost pressure of project machinery industry will alleviate somewhat.

Study conclusion

Production value of sale of project machinery industry is added fast slightly under on month. Investment of real fixed assets increases 1-8 month fast stability, project of new go into operation grows small compared to the same period, credit dimensions is added fast continue hasten delay. To it corresponding, month of 1-8 of project machinery industry sells production value to gain fast stability, grow 45.60% compared to the same period, slightly under on month (45.88% ) add fast, maintained the pattern of perch is small concussion.

Industry crop is added fast continue hasten delay

The production of squeezing ramming machinery continued the negative growth posture since the beginning of the year, 1-8 month enjoys growth compared to the same period 5.56% ;

Month of scraper instrument 1-8 is added fast mix basically on the month keeps balance, grow 24.95% compared to the same period;

Grab is added fast somewhat hasten delay, by on of the month 35.55% drop 33.97%;

Volume data transaction is produced per month on concrete machinery, monthly is added compared to the same period fast be as high as 94.94% , monthly crop will add fast fall after a rise to arrive August 29.07% , accumulative total crop is added fast for 54.87% , it is each child industry crop is added fast head;

Monthly crop will lose forklift August grow 20.20% , accumulative total is added fast by 1-7 month 34.28% drop 18.91% .

Xiang Zhonggao carries requirement tilt

Sales revenue of 1-8 month industry one hundred and forty-seven billion one hundred and sixty-eight million yuan, grow 48.05% compared to the same period. Comparative industry sales revenue is added fast and main child industry production and marketing is added fast difference, main reason is demand the product value promotion that Xiang Zhonggao end tilts to be driven with cost.

Wool interest rate did not see glide apparently. Interest rate of wool of industry of machinery of 1-8 month project is 17.58% , with 1-5 month (17.56% ) keep balance basically. Because rolled steel price begins to reduce, after the four seasons is spent the cost pressure of the industry will alleviate somewhat. Did not drop substantially to level of industry wool interest rate, main reason may be the enterprise strengthens in-house cost management, the product raises price, and Xiang Zhonggao carries the product change development.

10.25% what 1-8 month exports delivery cost to be sale production value, and on the month keeps balance. Exit is occupied go up quite the month keeps balance. The industry exports delivery cost to grow 73.47% compared to the same period, relatively 1-7 month dropped 4.45 percent, but in mechanical industry each child in the industry still be far ahead. Nevertheless exit occupies an industry to sell specific gravity at present inferior, the action that reachs since cycle of parallel to ironing industry is relatively limited.
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