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Chinese metal is about to borrow " debt turns " renascent
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"Chinese metal (Bermuda) limited company (FerroChinaLimited, china calls the metal below) the opportunity that gains renascence is very great, after all the foundation of these 5 companies is good still, including Changshu municipal government is to express clearly to support them. " the personage inside digital line of business all expresses. Include 5 companies such as division great to go bankrupt from October 7 in fact, changshu municipal government is already urgent the action.
Learn according to the reporter, changshu municipal government was negotiating the plan that delivers Chinese metal with much home bank yesterday, among them main idea is to hope to turn through debt the form alleviates its creditor's rights concerns, henceforth again choose machine is exited; And disclose China according to insider company of 5 mine group also is joining this negotiation as Chinese metal creditor. Additionally the government is doing a bank to work, the hope can postpone reimbursement time. Additionally the message expresses, 5 companies with Changshu can subordinate to Chinese metal municipal government assure offer 1.5 billion yuan of RMB, in order to alleviate debt crisis.

She Chuntai is familial for solid charge a person

Yesterday, have the newest case that message personage discloses piece of bright him winter to morning paper reporter. This message personage says, zhang Ye winter is Shanghai only ripely the trustee of the company, not be president, also do not share government of this company day-to-day business, can go to a company one year 3 times two only commonly, accordingly, "A many month did not appear in the company " attribute normal situation.

Chinese metal has astral island actually before 2006 only a company, in the beginning of appear on the market, zhang Ye ever was amounted to when the equity of metal of wintry hold China is most 55.35% , but the ceaseless dilate as Chinese metal, expand from 100 million much dish to exceed 10 billion yuan now always dish hind, its share for many times attenuant, zhang Ye winter already was in large stockholder status no longer. Afore-mentioned message personages still disclose to the reporter, since Chinese metal appears on the market Zhang Ye winter holds the position of blame executive trustee all the time, what hold share to also only 3% is control at present, be not effective control person.

Show according to the newest data of Singapore stock exchange, at present She Chuntai and its relative are mixed directly indirect place holds equity come 48.96% . Be in at present Chinese metal in 8 trustee, divide piece of bright winter among them beyond book of 1 factitious mainland, other all be Taiwan book.

Save Chinese metal

According to understanding of morning paper reporter, 8 trustee of Chinese metal are at present medium, run in southeast Asia and other places except him She Chuntai outside be being communicated with overseas investor, director of membership of other and digital Taiwan already all returned Changshu city, be in effort and company of the loan inside each country and bank to communicate debt problem. Among them, include Chinese metal to be in the contact of 5 mine group of look forward to of as large as home center, undertake turning about debt negotiate.
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