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Zhejiang province will be produced to lagging behind can uniform fall into disus
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Zhejiang province will continue to close a batch of high cost lawfully this year can, tall pollution industry, fall into disuse not to accord with the old old, backward equipment of standard of national specific power consumption and device stoutly. 1 day of held complete provinces are energy-saving fall informal discussion of bad news job discloses, machine of small fire report, little iron and steel, cement establishs kiln, argillaceous tile kiln is to eliminate an emphasis.

It is reported, province government this year energy-saving fall bad news target decides for 10 thousand yuan of total output value integrated specific power consumption is compared on year reduce 4% , 10 thousand yuan of industry raise a cost integrated specific power consumption is reduced 5% .

This year, zhejiang province plans to close stop group of small fire electric machinery two million three hundred and five thousand three hundred kilowatt; Close stop backward iron and steel to produce enterprise and equipment; Cement machine is demolished to establish kiln in the round before the end of the year, finish involve the job that stops kiln of 50% clay tile. In the meantime, catch good structural adjustment, doorsill of admittance of very energy-saving environmental protection, severe control high cost can project. Advance deep " 1 million " energy-saving action, big thrust is wide use advanced energy-saving technology, equipment and product, carry out clean production in the round, expand circular economy.

Vice-governor Jin Deshui attends the meeting and speak. On the meeting, province classics trade appoint with fine promote, beautiful water municipal government is signed respectively close stop backward iron and steel to produce can responsibility book, the first batch will close stop the backward cost that eliminates 15 companies can equipment. (Zhejiang daily)

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