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System of standardization of our country mould is difficult get used to industry
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Chinese mould standardizes working general situation

Every industry relatively the country that develop, work to take seriously very to standardization, because can bring quality, efficiency and benefit to industry. The mould is product of special figuration tool, although individuation is strong, but also be industrial product, standardization job is very so main. The formulate that mould standardization works to basically include mould technology level and carry out, the conduct propaganda of the production of mould standard component and application and relevant specification, carry out and the job such as promotion. Job of Chinese mould standardization starts later, together with conduct propaganda, carry out and promotion job strength is small, because this mould standardization falls,after Wu Sheng is produced, more fall the country that after develops at a lot of industry on the world. Foreign mould developed country, wait like Japan, United States, Germany, mould standardization job already had history of nearly 100 years, the production of standard component of the formulate of mould standard, mould and supply, already formed perfect system. And job of Chinese mould standardization is only from " countrywide mould standardizes technical committee " just began what establish after 1983. At present China already had about 20 thousand moulds to produce an unit, mould production had very great progress, but with industry production asks to be compared, still very incommensurate, among them a main reason is a mould standardization degree and level are not high.

Chinese mould system of standardization includes 4 kinds of big levels, namely: Standard of quality of craft of mould basic standard, mould, mould component standard and the technical standard related to mould production. Mould standard can divide level of mould of standard of mould of punch mould standard, plastic inject, die-casting by mould ultimate cluster again, forging mould standard, fastener is cold standard of Dui mould standard, the mould that pull silk, cold extrusion die. Current, china already had level of 50 multinomial moulds in all 14 kinds of of number of 300 many levels and respect of car die component current unit and 244 breed, in all 363 standards. The formulate of these standards and conduct propaganda are carried out, raised Chinese mould to standardize degree and level.

The progress that as mould of the grow in quantity that international interacts, entrance indigenous chemical industry makes and 3 endowment of the business international standard demand to mould of its form a complete set put forward, noticed to adopt standard of advanced country of international standard or abroad as far as possible in standard formulate respect on one hand, include to adopt the standard of advanced company; On the other hand a lot of mould standard component produce an enterprise to need according to the market, outside producing mould standard component definitely except the GB in pressing, the standard that also presses foreign advanced company at the same time produces mould standard component. For example Japan " rich special cling to " , the United States " DME " , Germany " Ha Si is taken an examination of " the standard that waits for a company already was in China wide for popularity.
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