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3 accidents government reports a running fire of metallurgy course of study find
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This year April, chinese metallurgy industry produced molten steel, slag 3 cases continuously capsize or splatter accident, cause heavy casualties. In Li Yi of director of total bureau of supervisory government of Chinese nation safe production expressing here yesterday, classics investigation case is initial already make a thorough investigation of.

He says, liaoning iron mountain " 4 · 18 " the steely company that accident place involves, preliminary find out, this factory did not choose special ladle crane, the mistake chose common bridge crane. In moving, as a result of electric control systematic breakdown reachs design flaw, contactor breaks report to cause electromotor to break phone, brake does not hold brake in the arms, straining of ladle out of control. After the driver operates apply the brake, wear away as a result of gasket of apply the brake serious, cause moment of force of apply the brake to be not worth badly, fail to check effectively ladle straining, cause 32 people death.

Accident proof, this factory is divided without standard design besides, return existence to violate compasses setting to join a dot, government confused, safeguard not to be pooh-poohed, groom be short of break, manufacturing organization is unreasonable wait for a problem; At the same time equipment makes the manufacturer, inspection agency that monitor also existing to violate compasses act.

On April 24, shaanxi dragon door produces an accident one case, cause one person to die 5 people are injured. Express in Li Yi, preliminary find out, because fettling exercise is put in quality problem, the converter after investment is used is bottom east side fettling makings falls off break up, in rise process, the oxygen in the carbon in filling charging and molten steel, slag produces quick and chemical reaction to form splash.

On April 26, chongqing still produces an accident one case, bring about present workshop chairman to be ironed dead. Say in Li Yi, preliminary find out, accident happening enterprise is in exercise of basin of broken bits removing condole, should use 4 rings originally, but used two only, in aing string of 1 since, happen swing, make emergence of rings of one aspect of the matter of broken bits basin, bring about present workshop chairman to be ironed dead.

Do not arrive 10 days in, produced molten steel capsize 3 cases one after another, splatter casualty accidents. Think in Li Yi, industry government is changed infirmly, superintend to metallurgy enterprise safety lack of power, weakness of administration of safety of enterprise of a few metallurgy, groom be short of break, hidden danger is serious.

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