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Electric power iron and steel intensifies contention of coal natural resources
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Fluctuate as coal price perch, natural resources of coal of high grade coking, motivation coal is in short supply, regard coal industry as downstream iron and steel and power company in succession upstream is outspread in order to get resource.

On April 28, coal trade group signs company of group of Wuhan iron and steel and Henan mesa agreement of 3.6 billion yuan of cooperation, both sides builds ten million in all ton class coal lays in a center, strengthen strategic cooperation. After signing cooperative agreement this, wu Gang becomes smooth coal the 2nd large stockholder. Analytic personage thinks, coal rises in price the largest to downstream influence trade is power industry, for company of iron of opposite Yu Gang, the cooperative trend of power industry and coal industry is more clear and pressing.

Steel look forward to tries water coal domain

Current, domestic cooking coal supplies insecurity, rise in price trend still very driving. According to report of west hill coal new circumstance of negotiation of round of price shows, since April 1, 2008, company anxious cleaned coal contains duty value from 810 yuan / ton on tone reachs 1040 yuan / ton; Fat cleaned coal contains duty value from 860 yuan / ton on tone reachs 1105 yuan / ton; Thin cleaned coal contains duty value from 670 yuan / ton on tone reachs 770 yuan / ton.

Secretary of Party committee of association of Chinese iron and steel industry holds vice-chairman Liu Zhen Jiang concurrently to expressed a few days ago, contradiction of supply and demand of domestic coal natural resources is already outstanding, entrance mine rises in price 65% , coke rises in price 200% , resource of cooking coal, coke produces to global iron and steel restrict action to will be more than ore. Below the influence that rises in price in coal, can be the cooperative trend of steely enterprise and coal domain quickened?

It is reported, smooth coal ten million ton after class coal lays in central building, wu Gang obtains stable coke supply of goods, supply will rise inside 5 years from 3 million current tons reach 8 million tons. The personage inside course of study thinks, wu Gang in one's hand coal ton valence can compare market price petty gain 200 yuan of above, such but year managing cost makes an appointment with 600 million yuan.

Had bought inside early or late include steel of Xing Cheng spy, big smelt metal special limited company of iron and steel of steel, Shijiazhuang inside 3 special of steel industry in Xin Taifu also is in annals outstanding achievement explains to express on the meeting, the group already opened up endowment 1.6 billion Hongkong dollar bought a coal mine of Shandong 30% equity. This one colliery builds hopeful of crop of the year after next to achieve 6 million tons, basically use the high quality raw coal that supplies production to use coal. Rong Zhijian of chairman of group director bureau expresses, this action meaning is supplied in the raw material that ensures iron and steel is produced, at the same time in Xin Taifu still will continue to be searched in inland other the opportunity that buys coal property.
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