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Business of electric iron and steel will mix Lu Toulun honest on October 15 the contract that iron ore industry will receive showing the utmost fortitude possibly negotiates, because steely demand is fatigued and weak and iron ore supply is ample, the odds that makes raise price considerably next year is reduced.
The analyst forecasts negotiation both sides give tit for tat, makings is very intense, because steely chamber of commerce finds value of beg to surrender, and at the same time ore production business is sent however hope to be able to go up considerably tone price.

In negotiation of 2007/08 year contract, australia mining industry person raise iron ore price successfully nearly one times, because need to satisfy burgeoning economy system especially exuberant demand of China, steely business is exceeding to raw material long for.

But the analyst says, makings of next year of this kind of situation won't repeat, because of economic foreground bleak and the market will be slow leave target price.

The road appears the findings to 15 analysts to show, of Australia and Brazil iron ore price expects during 2009 year agreement is enclothed can hold firm.

Holand international group (ING) responsible metal and the director Nick Hatch that mining industry studies say, "By be in with steely industry at exhausted weak condition, because this at present raises price very hard. Along with write economy to put delay, the requirement that imposes China looks also will abate, the odds that depreciates next year accordingly Gao Wudi price. The odds that depreciates next year accordingly Gao Wudi price..

A of the biggest steely business surpasses the whole world Luomidaer (ArcelorMittal)<ISPA.AS> is one of companies that take the lead in announcing to depreciate, say to be able to reduce the price 15% ; Russia Severstal subsequently also follow-up. Corus of the 2nd big steely business also alludes Europe, demand of unified exam Lv is exhausted weak element.

Demand is exhausted had mirrorred somewhat in spot market infirmly, the price of iron ore of the India on Chinese market the CFR from March every tons of 200 dollars, glide to restrain 95-100 dollar to every tons all the way.

France promotes trade bank to consider to report middle finger goes out in the quarter. "Spot price often can give target price negotiation to place fundamental key, mix under Brazil as a result of spot price Australian contract price, because this next year is clear,have depreciating possibility. Because this next year is clear,have depreciating possibility..

The analyst buys the home to whether can agree with river valley of fresh water of thumb of Brazilian mining industry to the Asia (the request that CVRD raises price in year, there is difference on the view, fresh water river valley offers before this additional on tone price 12-13% , in order to seek the purchase price that smooth Europe steelworks pays.
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