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Steely industry may be entered queasy period
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Chinese iron and steel is exported more and more the important basis that makes pitch of judgement industry boom. 2007 1 - in April, chinese accumulative total increases steel output newly compared to the same period 28.5 million tons, accumulative total exports steel completely 18.91 million tons, namely 1 - abroad will be digested April of 66.3% increase steel output newly, and domestic you only need to do changed the standard of 1/3. With the portion was in April 2007 exemple, steel output increases 6.607 million tons compared to the same period that month, steel of only that month outlet 6.73 million tons, that is to say adds steel output newly to be digested by foreign market place entirely.

Grow too quickly in the light of what iron and steel exports, the country publishs policy to undertake inhibition one after another inside brief period about the branch, reduce and cancel to export drawback, executive export licence management, add ask for export custom duty to wait, although the market has adopted the approach such as association of Chinese iron and steel industry before,learned ahead of schedule of relevant policy come on stage, but so concentrated still beyond the expect of the market. Because domestic iron and steel is produced can serious and superfluous, make home steely the low end that the price is in the whole world, domestic and international price differs be existence, because of this a certain policy come on stage and cannot produce how old effect. But what this analyst emphasizes is so concentrated adjusting control measure accumulate effect cannot small inspect, be sure to produce major effect to the exit of product of prospective iron and steel.

Utter the word of suffocate suffocate, the state of supply and demand of domestic steely industry can produce change, increase new increase production of iron and steel of fluctuation half an year can continuity dilate and this analyst is backward to falling into disuse produce can not hopeful, predict short-term inside degree of steely industry boom can be affected apparently, fall after a rise is only when dot problem. The estimation export volume in iron and steel of China of the 3rd quarter can appear to glide apparently, this goes against price of domestic steel products apparently go situation, also will naturally affect the gain ability of domestic steely company. The country increases the announcement that imposes custom duty to exit of partial rolled steel, rolled steel market immediately and drop, the flexibility that indicated steel value again is dye-in-the-wood.

Steely queasy aggravate, the report of policy effect will make the wave motion of the gain ability of the enterprise is increased, investment is right now steely should pay attention to defence more, the company with gain strong stability will make a choice.

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