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Equipment of aid steel network nods check and breakdown to diagnose the line on
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Equipment of aid steel network nods check and breakdown to diagnose the line on administrative system to move

Check of spot of equipment of aid steel network and breakdown diagnose administrative system 2 period project near future is formal on the line moves. So far, 7 main manufacturers such as plant of power of the first steelworks, the sources of energy, the 3rd steelworks realize aid steel successfully the network of online equipment nods check and breakdown to diagnose, the safety that for aid steel production manages is efficient move provided important safeguard.
Aid steel total assets amounts to 40.5 billion yuan, produce per year steel to exceed 12 million T. Because asset dimensions is giant, new old facility coexists, manufacturing efficiency is taller, bring very great difficulty to equipment management. In recent years, aid steel built network of message main force stage by stage, realized content shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow " 3 shed syncretic " , OA(OA) , ERP(company natural resources plans) , MES(makes executive system) wait for a project to go up in succession the line moves. 2007, by aid steel automation ministry development develops " be based on Internet of Intranet(enterprise interior) check of spot of network equipment status and breakdown diagnose administrative system " first phase project is in the first steelworks and plant of power of the sources of energy to cast with, applied result is favorable. Be in plant of power of the sources of energy, bring into conventional device this system not only, and in waiting for establishment to also bring into a system, computer room of channel, pneumatics undertakes administrative, formed equipment of one a complete set of to run a system, equipment runs a state to be in monitoring condition at any time, can in time discover and handle equipment hidden trouble. For have the aid of " business information freeway " , the equipment of farther normative manufacturer manages, aid steel decision connects 5 manufacturers such as make friends factory, the 3rd steelworks to build network equipment to nod check and breakdown to diagnose administrative system in heat 2 period project, use message medium to promote whole level of management. Whole project developed development to use 4 months time only, undertake application and database depart, enhanced the reliability that the system moves greatly, to prolonging equipment life, improve facility the day-to-day level of management that order check will have main effect.

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