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Restrict project machine industry development product is coessential change seri
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In recent years, make a trade in small-sized project machine especially, project machinery industry and even whole production industry is general by a problem -- , the product is coessential the worry that change place. Because enter a doorsill inferior but profit margin is higher, the product is coessential the problem that turn is more serious.

Coessential change will bring about travel together with function product between the enterprise distinguish very hard. Make thereby the enterprise must be relied on when the market competes reduce the cost, implementation that raises the method such as the service to achieve market goal, thereby oversight the importance of product oneself value, this is very adverse to the development of enterprise and market.

Coessential turn performance

Of project machine product coessential change main show to be in two respects, it is product tonnage relatively concentration, 2 it is to produce moral character to be able to tend close.

Product tonnage respect, dig borer in order to come back to be exemple, in many 20 company of domestic, product torque is in 200 1000 oxen / the product scale that rice level fluctuates is as high as 75% above, and 100 1000 oxen / rice level and the following product type are only 2, its scale is occupied only 8% .

Whether you can explain with the influence of market demand line of the products centers a kind of such phenomena? Really, suffer market demand effect, line of the products can be centered at market demand relatively on older product, however market demand is diversification, be in especially tonnage respect, product tonnage measurement is different, its suitable scope is different also. This bit from grab industry in recent years development pattern can make clear expression to come out, the product of all sorts of model is rising continuously, but small-sized the trend that presents a fast dilate however with the market share of large grab, especially small-sized grab, market size is very large, product of enterprise sortie grab also all is to be dug as a child make.

Once the market needs what kind of product, at a draught a lot of enterprises attack to make this kind of product. It is the important basis that directing is strategy of product of company fixed position admittedly with market demand, but in fact, the guiding that is pair of market demand to what the enterprise needs more long-term development ability, when this need enterprise is formulating product strategy, to the market development has long-term knowledge, have long-term development program, otherwise this can be one kind gives priority to those who want way with the spec only " one hammer buying and selling " .

In addition, of function of project machine product coessential changing also is very outstanding performance side. The main reason that forms this kind of phenomenon has 2: It is form a complete set the oneness that purchases channel, the form a complete set that most enterprise purchases come from same form a complete set enterprise; 2 it is the likeness that assembles craft, if leader plant does not join his design concept go in the product, just assemble each component together, that product no more than is the brand differs, very difficult in be applied actually put oneself in another's position reveals otherness, such doing also make the brand effect of the product sells at a discount greatly.
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