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Lube of the 8th China International is exhibited appear on Guangzhou
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By China Inc. of petro-chemical Inc. , Chinese oil natural gas and China International commerce promote committee Shanghai branch to be sponsorred jointly " China International lube, fat and exhibition of harmonic technology equipment " since was in center of Shanghai international exhibition to hold first successfully 2000 oneself last a period of time 7, 7 in carrying years, 3 sponsor unit and industry Neigesheng produces distribute business, what supported unit and professional media to experience lube industry jointly each is changeable, have whole lube industry through exhibiting meeting form to build an each other exchanges trade new information between catenary, new technology reachs the platform of new business chance, also become the brand that dimensions and authority have most inside China and even Asian lube industry to exhibit gradually meeting. Exhibit meeting general to be in Guangzhou at coming 14 days on September 12, 2007 this year bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is held once more.

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