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3 steel " slag 0 discharge " the project begins to carry out
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A few days ago, 3 steel " slag 0 discharge " after the project is finishing miniature production satisfactorily to experiment, begin to be carried out formally.
Half an year of last a period of time is built, always invest 80 million yuan " slag 0 discharge " the project is economy of loop of 3 steel development, executive cleanness is produced and energy-saving the another major move that decreases a platoon. Slag is the by-product in process of steel-making converter production, expand of crop ceaselessly as 3 steel steel, the generation of slag is ceaseless also grow in quantity. Before this, the slag that steel-making produces is basic it is to press litter to do fill bury processing, take up a large number of land still pollute an environment not only, although fraction is used via reclaiming after processing, but utilization rate is very low also, far litter of solid body of industry of short of iron and steel 0 discharged targets ask. "Slag 0 discharge " the project is right slag undertakes deep treatment is handled, the loop that realizes slag is used.

3 steel are in " slag 0 discharge " new technology of advanced hot stew law is used in the project, obligate is returned in the design slag small pink refines a technology, with raising the utilization rate of slag further. This project takes company construction and craft to carry out by fatigue, the steelworks is in charge of installing slag classification dish, the fatigue that steam carries the company is in charge of using slag of heavy-duty steam handlebar to pull to the hill after be located in takes processing workshop to undertake handling.

This project first phase project is year of processing to hot stew of 530 thousand tons of slag is handled and machine product line, 2 period the project is produce per year product line of pink of 400 thousand tons of slag, broken bits of smelt of converter of the 3 steel after project building will get be usinged adequately, iron of the metal in can realizing slag reclaims rate be more than 98% , end broken bits but 100% use at producing building materials product. After the project is carried out, will reduce slag to discharge, improve an environment, create better economic benefits and social benefit not only, still can realize solid to abandon " 0 discharge " target, promote 3 steel to be able to develop quickly continuously again very much again.

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