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Steelworks of approach steel converter is carried out 10 fall greatly this gener
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Face current and grim market situation, production of oneself of union of steelworks of approach steel converter is actual, rolled out 10 drop cost general plan greatly, adopt this one general plan carry out steadily, drive complete of a cost management consciousness rise.

As we have learned, this 10 fall greatly cost general plan is: The science government that is core with tall management by objectives, model is controlled and producing an event lowers cost; Catch with firm divide a manufacturing direct motion that spreads out 0 breakdown management to be core to fall to equipment from production cost; Protect furnace technology in order to splash broken bits (technology of deep to decoke) Lian Zhu matchs water, temperature, steel to plant the technical progress that matchs a technology to be core falls cost; In order to stop working error, program not close be core put an end to waste to fall cost; The job that is core with asset recycle is managing fall cost; Raise crop in order to enlarge what dimensions is core to fall cost; Coordinate those who be core to raise quality to fall with aggrandizement working procedure cost; With highlighting those who reduce specific power consumption to be core to fall low consumption falls cost; The contract government that is core with revising project of the bag outside optimizing lowers cost; In order to drive auxiliary production post is cooperative outside the change mechanism that the bag is core falls cost.

Meanwhile, steelworks of approach steel converter decided with economy steel-making is a center, carry out in the round fulfil production to stabilize direct motion, ability changes efficient operational principle, deepen 5 energy management and model control, develop technical innovation, management innovation energetically, the new management pattern that drives a mechanism to be in charge of person, system to manager, strong thrust presents low cost strategy, aggrandizement is complete a cost management consciousness, will 10 fall greatly cost general plan falls to real point. (origin: Chinese metallurgy newspaper)

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