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Flat steel of ball of the hot-rolling that bring steel tries make friends succes
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Flat steel of ball of the hot-rolling that bring steel tries make friends success
In Feburary 26 ~ 27 days, an Gang the first rolling mill " 400 " flat steel of profile aircrew ball tries make friends to succeed.
The market that comes through nearly 3 months makes an on-the-spot investigation and be opposite marine the foreground analysis of latent capacity of development of ball flat steel, company decision develops efficient variety in the first rolling mill -- hot-rolling ball flat steel, technical center organizes production for many times harmonious meeting, strict according to hot-rolling ball standard of T 9945-2001 of / of flat steel GB made development plan, the first rolling mill has the job such as pass design.
The manufacturing standards of rolling of experiment of this ball flat steel is 180mm × 8 ~ 11mm, the brand is A, B, D, D32, D36, add up to rolling 870t, covered all ply of this norms and the intensity level that can produce to fasten, through examining over all dimension of its finished product, function accords with standard requirement completely.
This steel is planted demand exceeds supply in the market, it is the steel with additional extremely high cost is planted one of. The development of this product enhanced the market competition ability of company profile greatly, through 5 countries next ship's classification society is proved, will make this product enters batch production, push in the round to the market.     

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