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Production value increases trade of Fuzhou machinery metallurgy compared to the
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From machinery of the Fuzhou City metallurgy industry manages office know, this year since the beginning of the year, impetus of development of industry of metallurgy of machinery of the Fuzhou City is swift and violent, enter the benign loop with brand benefit and gain of high additional cost to develop a channel.

As we have learned, this year first half of the year, enterprise of above of dimensions of industry of machinery of the Fuzhou City achieves production value 22.82 billion yuan, grow 38.9% compared to the same period, growth rate other industry industry reachs row the Fuzhou City provincial the cogongrass before course of study of person of the same trade of each district city.

This year first half of the year, in mechanical metallurgy industry, stability of company of mainstay of a few keys grows the Fuzhou City. Among them, in 10 enterprises such as aluminous luck Fujian are become add fast window, relatively the earth helps the revenue that used whole industry. According to introducing, this year since the beginning of the year, aluminous luck Fujian produces per year 230 thousand tons aluminium in board belt project preparatory work is great, will lay a foundation smoothly on June 6. Xin sea metallurgy 2 blast furnace on May 1 put into production, lunar increase production is worth 180 million yuan. Coronal sea dockyard also on July 6 put into production, already built 80 thousand tons of berth, 20 thousand tons are mixed 5000 tons of berth each one, provided the critical process facility such as plasma cut machine.

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