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Beijing seductivelies dressed or made up in sincere first throughout the country
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On January 3, 2008, australis (Shanghai) hot-rolling of steely limited company board the galvanization that galvanization workshop produces a norms of 1250mm of × of hank 4.0mm smoothly coils, this finished product coils galvanization quality reachs national level, the mark is worn by in smelt metal Beijing the Beijing Beijing of subordinate of limited company of sincere project technology sincere astral science and technology develops limited company (abbreviation Beijing company of sincere science and technology) first hot-rolling of domestic that always contract and has own property right is wide board put into production of galvanization line success.
This hot-rolling is wide board galvanization product line is Beijing company of sincere science and technology is absorbing foundation of foreign advanced technique to go up own research and development and become. This galvanization line used horizontal annealing furnace, among them one of critical process that anneal craft regards hot-rolling board galvanization as craft, compare galvanization of cold rolling thin plate to having higher demand to furnace craft. Because raw material is thicker, the atmosphere inside the uniformity that line of hot-rolling board galvanization heats to furnace, furnace raised very tall requirement. Be aimed at these requirements, beijing company of sincere science and technology fathers to close quality, undertake technical assault fortified positions, made sure advanced sex reachs craft run smooth sex.
This hot-rolling is wide board the plating zine plate that galvanization line produces can replace a share the zine plate of cold rolling plating of coequal quality and norms. The unit sale cost of hot-rolling plating zine plate, management cost all under zine plate of cold rolling plating, economic benefits is obvious. The product of this kind of high income, low cost can enhance the market competition ability of the enterprise greatly.
The finished product ply of this galvanization line is 0.6 ~ 4.0mm, width 600 ~ 1307mm, unit is the biggest craft speed 100m/min, produce per year a quantity 300 thousand T.

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