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Stainless steel prices will adjust deepness greatly in June
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Current, because the market clinchs a deal,the state lasts not beautiful, value of stainless steel market has appeared trend of small be issued to lower levels. And nickel price insanity of nearly a few days dives, be sure to hit purchase enthusiasm downstream, make originally very not ideal clinch a deal state one disaster after another. This waits for a situation, had caused an effect to the market, most trafficker has shown the panic of different level, the city after be opposite expresses concern.

According to current market development situation looks, prices will be faced with stainless steel in June deepness is adjusted, will show trend of be issued to lower levels to already was become inevitable. The author thinks, from which in light of long-term prices development, finally will Jing is not had danger, current, the city after still making clear stainless steel without evidence will produce turn sex change. We can analyse from the following angle:

Above all, be issued to lower levels of stainless steel prices is belonged to periodic adjust.

From this year since March, because suffer nickel price to soare,affect, steelworks factory price also is in stainless steel to rise substantially all the time trend. 2500 yuan are moved on March among them / ton, 4000 yuan are moved on April / ton, will go up again May move 2500 yuan / ton, the amplitude modulation on 3 months accumulative total amounts to 9000 yuan / ton, already exceeded 2006 of the amplitude modulation on accumulative total of steelworks factory price 50% (the amplitude modulation on accumulative total was 17800 yuan 2006 / ton) .

From 2006 prices looks, although annual is maintaining,go up trend, but the market still is in respectively April, June, will undertake 3 times adjustment November. If the market is in 2007 will have tendency of be issued to lower levels May, it is normal to also be belonged to periodic adjust.

2, nickel price goes now to drop trend, but will still prop up stainless steel perch

Recently, LME nickel inventory shows growth trend, 24 days increase to 7200 tons of levels. As the addition of LME nickel inventory, LME period nickel price also will appear to drop day after day in March trend. From breakthrough of city of 51 LME nickel 50000 dollars amount to 51800 dollars / ton after recording new Gao Zhi, in May the middle ten days of a month, LME nickel price is in all the time 50000 dollars / or so tons deepness concussion, concussion extent maintains in 1600 dollars / or so tons. On May 21 up to now, LME nickel price has maintained 4 days continuously drop trend, for a time from 50450 dollars / ton drop to 45010 dollars / ton, accumulative total drops extent reachs 5490 dollars / ton, among them 23 days of 22 day, odd-numbered days drop extent is to be as high as 2000 dollars more / ton.

The analysis says, nickel price will this year second half of the year returns to reason, will analyse according to the pertinent information of situation of supply and demand of nickel of current whole world and main area, this view is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, still have certain basis. On one hand, european nickel demand will decrease somewhat 2007; On the other hand, chinese ferronickel output will expand further. Data makes clear: This year March, chinese nickel metal imports a quantity to be 7694 tons, with will compare Feburary, reduced 4383 tons (import volume will be 12077 tons Feburary) , fall amount to 57% .
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