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"Dance steel " the card is clement armor plate is maintained to be " Henan expor
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On October 10, dance steel receives Henan to save the file that hair of business affairs hall comes to, this file announced 2008 year to come 2009 year " Henan exports famous brand " list.

55 when announce in place " Henan province exports famous brand " in list, company of steely and finite liability lists dance this world the 10th.

The announcement says, inside two years of period of efficacy since the day that releases from list, the company of famous brand export of list be includinged will be first enjoy Henan to save relevant support policy.

"Henan exports famous brand " it is Henan saves the basis about " 915 " during the directive opinion that gives aid to exit famous brand develops, by the province hair of business affairs hall, province changes appoint, bureau of tax of state of custom of hall of province finance hall, province science and technology, Zhengzhou, province, province is industrial and commercial condition of discrepancy of bureau, province examines the 8 branches such as quarantine bureau combine evaluation to decide. Dance steel company is achieved with the exit of arrogant person collected outstanding achievement to pass this evaluation. 2007, dance steel holds to " start Chinese famous brand, give world high-quality goods " spirit of enterprise, increase scientific research to develop strength and market to develop strength ceaselessly, make " dance steel plate " clement board increases ceaselessly in force of domestic and international market. Breed of dance steel product is distinctive, have 12 old series high grade brand; Norms is all ready, ply norms arrives from 8mm 700mm. Can better land satisfies powerful breed norms dominant position client demand; Quality is good, complete quality detects the method ensured product quality, make dance steel product has stronger competition ability on the international market. Dance steel product sells as far as to area of and other places of Euramerican, southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and country, sales volume is steady, competition ability is strong. 2007, dance steel signs export contract in all 160 thousand tons, achieve collect 140 million dollar.

Assess " Henan exports famous brand " product, aim to accelerate breed and develop me to visit outlet of own brand merchandise, improve the quality that foreign trade increases and beneficial result, implementation foreign trade exports the change that grows way.

Come nearly 10 years, "Dance steel plate " clement armor plate ranks all the time " Henan exports famous brand " . (origin: Dance steel)

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