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Company of Russia north iron and steel announces reduction of output 25% to 30%
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Northward and steely company announced one of steely companies with the biggest Russia a few days ago, because suffer effect of world banking crisis, this company will be in the enterprise of Russia, United States and Europe to will lower yield considerably in October. The announcement that the company issues says, in Russia native land steely factory output will decrease 25% , decrease in the company output of the United States and Italy 30% . Below the condition that changes in market level, taking these step is sensible.

Another of the Russia before this big steely fair Sima Geni holds Ge Ersi in the palm to overcome steely company to announce reduction of output 15% . Analyst thinks, the Russia before the end of the year is all big steely company reduction of output 20% to 25% .

Company of Russia north iron and steel is mixed in Russia, United States, Europe Wukelan has capital fund, the company before this anticipates rolled steel crop will increase 2008 31% , achieve 2, 3 million tons.

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