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The rolled steel gross that Bao Gang produces for east wind day this year adds 3
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Report from our correspondent a few days ago, the reporter produces know from east wind day: Through bilateral joint efforts, east wind day is produced annual purchases gross of treasure rolled steel to break through 100 thousand tons this year, grew 3 than last year times, achieve the history top level.

East wind day is produced is Bao Gang one of strategic partners with steel field is used main in the car, also be day of department car the enterprise that the earliest Tong Baogang cooperates in joint-stock brand. Come a few years, bao Gang according to " client the first " concept, from material homebred change start, produce with east wind day began all-around collaboration such as technology, quality, use for automobile body board homebred change made positive contribution. Current, east wind day produces all model automobile body to use board great majority used treasure rolled steel.

This year is east wind day is produced hold water 5 years, also be the key that to automobile industry the first a group army strides year. For this, treasure steel share sells a center, company of south of treasure steel international, beautiful Dou Baojing, treasure steel branch, treasure day car board the unit composition such as the company combines a group, built with the user monthly communicates and answer a mechanism quickly, it is in order to stabilize product quality essential, leave no stone unturned satisfies user requirement; Deepen cycle of contract whole journey to manage continuously, shorten delivery is periodic, reduce user inventory pressure.

In the meantime, treasure steel group and east wind day are produced, component supplier rolled out rolled steel to purchase mode centrally jointly. On this foundation, treasure steel deepness digs user demand, enlarge rolled steel to supply breed and limits further. Current, supply galvanizing and general except stability cold outside waiting for main breed, still increased hot-rolling the application that car board produces in east wind day. (Liu Yuanjie reports reporter Sun Yanjun)

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