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Head new home of pasture of steel Cao the wife of a prince is basic and finishin
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Yesterday, reporter from head steel group understands, head pasture of steel Cao the wife of a prince is new " " -- head project of main body of project of Tang Gang ironworks finishs steel capital basically, one pace project enters first phase put into production plans stage, it is surely before on October 18 put into production, at present remit to the put into production inside year.
2007 the new home of pasture of Cao the wife of a prince of start working is a steel remove in Beijing area the grand opera of steely production after adjusting, the meeting after building becomes the throughout the country's biggest steely base. Press schedule, by 2008, the steel here is produced can will achieve 4.85 million tons, will achieve 9.7 million tons 2010.

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