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This steel most dynamoelectric air-blower is high-power new stability of a blast
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Through in last few days move, with new the large and dynamoelectric air-blower of form a complete set of photograph of a blast furnace runs stability, offer wind reliably to assure to produce direct motion firmly of a blast furnace newly to offer.

Blast furnace production uses steam to move blast all the time before this steel, offer stability to assure reliably for wind to give 4747 stere blast furnace, this steel is in new in construction of a blast furnace, form a complete set built two 47500 kilowatt large and dynamoelectric air-blower, use use one equipment form. Equipment of technology of two when go up newly dynamoelectric air-blower reachs world banner level. System of air-blower of equipment of its main body, use the world's at present most advanced Switzerland fan, the world before electric machinery system uses order is in the Xi Menzi electric machinery of banner level. This fan is had energy-saving, efficient reach start quickly wait for a characteristic. Once the dynamoelectric air-blower in moving appears problem, another reserves air-blower, below hot equipment condition, can start quickly inside dichotomy bell, investment moves, assure blast furnace offer wind. And steam moves air-blower to start time to want to be in 30 minutes above.

Power plant takes height of dynamoelectric air-blower project seriously, established department of dynamoelectric air-blower project technically. Because fan major is in,this steel is a special major, power plant is supervised in fan construction, project management, quality wait for a respect to have certain experience. To this, this factory develops his professional dominant position actively, break owner unit and project to always contract the bounds of unit, construction unit, firm erect this steel thought of a dish of chess, with new construction of a blast furnace is a center, be the same as builder of China and foreign countries one case all sorts of joint research, technology problems that in solving construction, encounter, made sure each construction is advanced as scheduled.

Dynamoelectric air-blower rotate speed is as high as minutely 3000 turn, precision of requirement equipment installation is very tall, to oscillatory control the demand is very firm more. Electromechanical installation company and foreign expert, excelsior in equipment installation, each measure, each screw should be checked through strict quality and install data control even, assured fan trial run is successful, be in shorter time and foreign and collective finished equipment to debug the job. This steel two dynamoelectric air-blower already will be thrown on July 28 and net. Before this, dynamoelectric air-blower is 47500 kilowatt new the succeeding activity of a blast furnace provided safeguard, finished smoothly new the drying-out of a blast furnace, dozen pressure wait for the job. (origin: This steel daily)

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