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Pan Changgang rolling mill makes big gain product
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Enter October, pan Changgang rolling mill is captured current medium or small material preform the favorable opportunity with enough, full contract, organize production meticulously, ensure finish this month medium or small material 5000 tons task.

Current, rolled steel market is fatigued and weak, the contract measures serious inadequacy, but medium or small material product especially the breed steel market of small norms is better. Then, organize around market demand medium or small the urgent matter that the production of to the limit of one's capacity of material product becomes rolling mill to keep company benefit overall situation. And medium or small material product basically does not become rusty with the chromium of hard roll breed is given priority to, pull current Cheng nods multi-line to grow, technical equipment demand is high. To this, this factory sets out from integral benefit overall situation, meet a challenge bravely. They put forward firm to grab phasic job resource of education, integrated manpower, optimize work way, improve flow efficiency, protect significant production to wait protect produce measure, do make strong gain product greatly, ensure the implementation of target of company whole benefit.

To unite cadre worker thought, organization of this factory Party committee begins phasic task to teach an activity, team and group of a gleam of of development of leaders of all levels of factory ministry, workshop and post explain to public phasic task, with worker lay one's heart bare, confabulate, listen to opinion and proposal extensively, joint research makes countermeasure. To ensure medium or small the rolling of material product, put in storage measures ceaseless enlarge, this factory is producing textural, execute a class to produce management by objectives, class of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed of crop class class, class is caught, keep day with the class; The finishing that firm catchs modular casting square unburnt brick is repaired grind and chromium does not become rusty to work even the move of casting base, utmost ground is contented and current rolling quantity; Strengthen equipment to nod the breakdown processing that check is safeguarded and produces gap, active exploration gets used to the equipment that at present breed produces to maintain administrative pattern, the hidden trouble platoon that makes very crucial equipment seriously is checked and monitoring runs the job, ensure of production successional with stability. In the meantime, break dividing line of type of work, strengthen manpower resource conformity, will former the report of 4 horizontal classes, benchwork incorporates 3 the top class in a kindergarten, play advantage is complementary action; Optimize manufacturing operation way, instead of 4 will original 3 movement falls 3 classes and execute every week 6 days of production are made, in ensure safe premise falls cogent increased effective rolling time. In addition, factory labor still was begun " rolling mill maintains to the limit of one's capacity " , " finishing starts high production " , " drop hot stop work " etc advocate, contest of complementary line labor, help strength for production. (Cai Jian)
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