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Furnace of hot-rolling of branch of steel of Bao Gang spy coils the project ente
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A few days ago, bao Gang is special furnace of steel branch hot-rolling coils two sheet heft the project 300 tons blooming mill memorial archway installs perch successfully, the mark is worn hot-rolling furnace coils the project enters equipment to install level in the round.
This hot-rolling furnace coils the project is first alloy board of current world takes hot-rolling furnace to coil produce a line, also be special steel branch the main component that alloy board heads a project. This project last year start working will be built in September, the plan debugs level at heat is being entered by April next year.

Since this year, special steel branch wait in ministry of technology of ministry of equipment of engineering of treasure steel share, project support energetically below, seductively dressed or made up with treasure construction, medium the ginseng such as smelt metal capital builds an unit to increase in coordination strength, whole thrust coils into hot-rolling furnace project construction. Current, the earth of main body project builds construction to be finished basically already, quantity of steel structure installation already was finished nearly 80% , advocate workshop roofing comes true basically already close.

Every sheet weighs the blooming mill memorial archway that installs this 300 tons, it is hot-rolling furnace coils the heaviest monomer equipment in producing a line, because the drive a vehicle inside blooming mill workshop is the biggest,ability removing condole has 75 tons only, area of memorial archway installation is located in the element such as upper part of subterranean oil depot, to memorial archway installation brought great challenge. Furnace of hot-rolling of special steel branch coils project group and construction, design, equipment is made just cooperate closely, elaborate formulate plan, had careful proof; Use " rotate balance law " patent technology, made three-dimensional animation, undertake shifting to an earlier date to installing a process drilling, ensured the success of blooming mill memorial archway installs perch.

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