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Saddle steel head win abroad machining center
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Of market fluctuation increase, make look forward to of steel of domestic dimensions sex begins to swim downward outspread industry catenary, in order to contend for bigger gain. The first steely net learns from saddle steel group, saddle steel and Italian dimension add Nuo (VIGANO) the company signs joint-stock agreement, through buying latter the equity of 60% will own the machining center of first rolled steel of overseas.
Dimension adds Nuo company to basically machine silicon steel and plating zine plate to coil, year process capability is controlled for 100 thousand tons. This company still has cent to sell content to shed a center, for downstream many 40 user mixes deliver goods thing. Saddle steel begins Xiang Wei to add Nuo company to offer cold rolling silicon steel and galvanization product from 2003, quantitative year after year grows, it is this company's mainest rolled steel supplier. Buy this also make saddle steel intervenes overseas steel products processes a trade.

Last year in June, saddle steel ever needed through buying Australian gold to amount to the partial equity of the company, obtain the iron ore resource of more stability. Extend rolled steel to machine an industry to be helpful for steel look forward to getting more profit, profit margin of treatment of rolled steel later period is higher than rolled steel sales profit ratio, because of different client especially the high-end user such as shipbuilding, car has more individuation demand. Before Er of tower of rice of the as oldest as the whole world steel mill is amalgamative, how does the 2nd old steel mill surpass the whole world to machine the gain that deserves to send a center happily to hold the 20 % above of group gross profit.

At present domestic steelworks does not have materiality to become complete supply in home catenary system, the later period that product production comes out cuts treatment, deserve to send waiting for content to sort appreciation link is move be controlled by transnational corporation partly quite. Be like products of integrated firm Mitsui, 2002 as joint-stock as Bao Gang built treatment of rolled steel of Shanghai treasure well to deserve to send limited company, after this, well of Chongqing treasure well, Guangzhou treasure well, Fuzhou treasure well, Hangzhou treasure well, the treasure that do not have stannum, Qingdao treasure well holds water in succession, controlled Chinese car plank, electric home appliances
Chinese content flows with purchase federation Ding Jun sends standing vice-chairman to ever told a reporter, steelworks undertakes treatment deserves to send a center be offerred continuously and be buildinged oneself will be prospective trend, group of steel of treasure of domestic steely tycoon already was in each district is densely covered many treatment deserves to send a center, head steel, Han steel also invest to build much home steel products to deserve to send machining center in each district gigantic in the plan.
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