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Look forward to all denies 5 steel such as Wu Gang publicly to compromise with f
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10 days, the report says, to company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water the demand rises lose value of past Asia iron ore, group of Jiangsu sanded steel, Wu Gang and day steel inside look forward to of 5 steel of domestic has been planted in fraction mine on make compromise. That day, the concerned controller such as sanded steel, fierce steel, day steel all expresses publicly, did not reach any agreements with river valley of Brazilian fresh water.

Before this, association of Chinese iron and steel industry is solemn and just already reject fresh water river valley this one unjustifiable requirement, say its disobey regulation and law of trade.

It is reported, should reporting indicating partial mine is planted basically is ball group and high grade meal. Personage of high level of trade of sanded steel nation expresses clearly, sha Gang was not on any breed make compromise. Ministry of raw material of trade of fierce steel nation imports the controller of ore to also express, wu Gang supports steel very much all the time assist decision, in the accuse and denounce at a meeting that boycotts Brazilian mine this, wu Gang withstood the pressure with partial Brazil in short supply resource, stand fast all the time principle, the circumstance of absolutely nonexistent compromise. Day steel also expresses about chief, day steel was not accepted unreasonable rise in price, day steel keeps consistent with association of Chinese iron and steel industry and relevant parties, won't accept action of this one apparent break a contact.

Association of Chinese iron and steel industry concerns chief 10 days to divulge, association of constituent China iron and steel industry and Brazil are stationed in Department of Commerce last week China envoy holds counsellor to be stationed in in Brazil China diplomatic mission undertook meeting. The requirement rises in price in year crosscurrent that just reiterated to fresh water river valley puts forward in.

As we have learned, a vice-president of fresh water river valley although the near future may visit China, but in steel assist did not get any announcements about farther negotiation.

Forecast of business affairs of Department of Commerce shows, price of domestic steel products and iron ore price considerably fall after a rise, predict to will still continue to drop inside brief period. Data of Department of Commerce shows, average price will be end home iron ore in September 1200 yuan / ton, every tons relatively end will drop in August 12.4% . Each advocate price yield a division all has drop, value of area of rising sun of end Heibei Tang Shan, Liaoning will part in September relatively end will drop in August 11.3% with 15.2% .

Eye forehead divides steelworks reduction of output, stop production, iron ore demand decreases, domestic iron ore is supplied comfortable; Fall after a rise of output of product of additional and main industry, the demand that use steel decreases and the price of steel-making raw material such as iron ore, coke drops, bring about likely short-term inside price of domestic iron ore continues to drop. (Origin: Newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities)
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