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Heibei iron and steel is passive " hibernate " adjust actively still
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In Heibei iron and steel the group starts reduction in production of the member below the banner, domestic steely company is released in succession after be restricted to produce a statement, numerous Heibei steely enterprise chooses in what be faced with his. Event of this one news develops to the industry and character, it is to boil Chun Nuanhua painstakingly to open season, be still active defence cold current?
Although the choice is not much, but deciding future however.
Whose winter be after all?
Steely enterprise is restricted to produce, by industry praise it is be an enterprise " hibernate " act.
But look in concerned personage, this kind of circumstances is not the winter that is every steely enterprise. "Actually Cong Baogang early or late product structure and market price look, bao Gang responds to be restricted to produce move more resembling is a kind of attitude. Because in the limit of is produced, affected to the enterprise not quite. " the judgement inside course of study, class of treasure steel product has exceeded home other and congener enterprise, gain space also should be gotten greatly of course much.
Apparent, bao Gang did not encounter a winter.
So the backside that is restricted to produce in steel look forward to, after all adumbrative who endures hardship winter? The answer can be found from inside guessing additionally one kind probably.
When company of iron of domestic large section is restricted to produce, people can'ts help doubt, the bounds of large company is produced, can give numerous company of civilian battalion iron and steel leaves particular market space, continue the life cycle of these enterprises? "This kind of circumstance is possible, but want to see, market pressure is equal to every enterprise, the big company even that has dimensions beneficial result needs to take out true original story to answer this kind of predicament, the cost pressure of the medium and small businesses that those craft still do not deserve to cover cans be imagined. " save metallurgy politics to grind Song Jijun analyses meeting vice-chairman, more or less is this kind of extremely limited space worth to expect.
His explanation says, even if is to the steely enterprise of actual strength is restricted to produce, those low end the enterprise also won't get how many benefit. The product that because these enterprises are restricted,produces is centered in an atrophic with each passing day low end product market. "Was like others to drop an ice-lolly, melt smallier and smallier, no matter how you eat, do not have how many benefit. Do not have how many benefit..
According to industry hopeful analysis, the predicament that steely industry encounters at present, just be numerous predicament a medium just, what what differ is, in the country development fundamental key is made clear, after act of relevant economy drive comes on stage, once lag effect is shown, industrial development is sure to welcome new development opportunity. "I judge this paragraph of period to may have the time of a few months, after all economic progress fundamental key of the country is over there, relevant policy measure is in carry out, this needs a period. What what differ is, steely henceforth industry must be broken through from the seek on product and quality. If do not accelerate ability from this kind of understanding,change, fall into disuse backward, await them be afraid only ' in the winter ' . " Song Jijun is judged.
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