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Indonesian will carry out importer trade laws and regulations to rolled steel an
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India immediateness of department of trade of industrial ministry requirement is opposite Neixiya steely 4 kinds of downstream products, be like nail, pipe, tinsel, and plating zine plate carries out importer trade laws and regulations, avoid the menace that suffers the similar product that comes from a foreign country to flood home market in order to protect this product.

Till,steely price is forecasted 2009 continue to rise first quarter, hot-rolling will coil August this year board (HRC) price coils every kilograms for 10 thousand 3000 aegis, cold rolling board (CRC) is 10 thousand 3800 aegis every kilograms, and reinforcing steel bar every kilograms of 10 thousand 1500 aegis, each will rise September this year become 10 thousand 3460 aegis, 10 thousand 4076 aegis, and 10 thousand 2609 aegis.

Cloth of the * in machinery of industrial ministry metal and An Sha of multinomial industry director blocks benefit (AnshariBukhari) says in Jakarta yesterday: "Nowadays is the chance that carries out importer trade laws and regulations to steely and downstream product, must take concrete step, not be chew only cling to say. To protect domestic industry, more early action has healed. " he points out, the effort that protects home market has 3 choice, collect namely oppose mechanism of dumping duty, protection, and importer trade laws and regulations. "Collect turn over dumping duty and protective mechanism to need long process, the behoove that can carry out inside the near future is business law compasses, the decision book that because need trade minister only only,publishs just, " he so say. The add in An Sha says, association of steely production trade already urged industrial ministry to protect steely and downstream product to be in domestic market. "Last weeks put forward association of steely production trade afore-mentioned proposals, consequently we will undertake harmony with trade minister. Consequently we will undertake harmony with trade minister..

Farther, install Sha Li to divulge Malaysia government also adopts policy of protective home market. Malaysia government sets, affect local product to must have import licence in a few exotic of home market market to having latent capacity. · nowadays, our country government coils to hot-rolling only board (HRC) product is collected turn over a dumping to import duty. The complement in An Sha says, home produces business to already felt, steely 4 kinds of downstream products namely nail, zinc piece, tinsel, and pipe import volume tends the negative effect that heighten. Ú " the entrance that association of steely production trade observes 4 kinds of afore-mentioned products is measured more and more rise, manufactory of a few nail already was shut even or halt production, so they appeal the government takes safeguard, " install Shaliru this say. Indonesian and steely guild (IISIA) iron and steel is downstream Yisi of the 3rd chairman strides industrial ministry (IsmailMandry) expresses, circumstance of global economic depression will cause the product of Chinese downstream iron and steel that transfers from the United States to flood our country market originally. Because of this, this association urges a government to adopt specific and significant step to protect home market to avoid get a foreign country of similar product be full of. He says: "The iron and steel that China makes has 450 million tons about, if 10 million tons among them enter home market, we will be finished. "
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