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Head steel is held " 3 achieve " body of the ascend after communication can brew
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Head steel is annual " 3 achieve " (innovation, achieve actor, do poineering work) experience communication can be in Heibei today pasture of Cao the wife of a prince is held formally. On the meeting, head Zhu Jimin of steel group president expresses, head steel will analyse current condition seriously, undertake to oneself science locates, resolve new issue ceaselessly, strive to achieved top-ranking level of country of steely course of study 2010, entered the world 2020 500 strong.
Zhu Jimin expresses when making a speech on the meeting, head steel whole removes the new steel mill to pasture of Heibei Cao the wife of a prince, be faced with still borrow, the pressure such as depreciation, the operation venture of new steel mill is increased. In addition, head transition of steel product structure just begins, resource conformity ability, own innovation ability still is in accumulate breed level. In the meantime, according to world iron and steel the mature market in trends dominates 23 index such as menace of ability, circumjacent competitor, head steel is in lead position without. Accordingly, head steel needs to make clear located the position, look for exact cause to locate, do away with development to restrict an element, ensure production stabilizes direct motion and achieve goal of established strategy program.

He still points out, head the industry posture such as steel of course of study of steel iron and steel and Bao Gang, Wu Gang, saddle is compared, still be in on the whole " the 2nd group " . According to head steel " 3 paces go " development strategy, the target fixed position of steely course of study should aim at riverside of Bao Gang, Korea, the enterprise such as new day iron, reach home advanced, world's top-ranking level. He says, head steel should finish a space layout is adjusted and industrial structure is optimized upgrade, make ironworks building put into production amounts to a steel capital Tang Gang produce amount to effect, make a product top-ranking, management top-ranking, environment the modern large company with top-ranking, top-ranking benefit.

Head steel is annual " innovation achieves actor to do poineering work " the brand meeting that communication can have made a steel. Be in those who speak of a steel putting forward " innovation achieves actor to do poineering work " when setting, zhu Jimin expresses, head steel " 3 achieve " it is the base that expanding the study of view and understanding to science on, put forward through thinking deeply, head steel this year " 3 achieve " communication can put forward " for innovation development contrast thinks, look for exact cause to locate to achieve actor, good to do poineering work to follow measure, practice surely essential technique " . Zhu Jimin hopes a steel person can with " 3 achieve " the development level that spirit raises a steel in the round and competitive ability.

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