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Small steely company is faced with the crossroad of development in
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This year in July since the middle ten days of a month, market of domestic steel products is entered drop passageway, of value of rolled steel product glide in the round, enter August, this kind drops situation not only have no slow down, quicken somewhat instead. The abidance of rolled steel market is low confuse domestic steely company to bring the price to adjust pressure, in August since the last ten-day of a month, the steely enterprise such as Bao Gang, Pan Gang adjusts producer price of rolled steel product in succession, and in small steely company was introduced to again where the wind and the waves are highest, value of cost tall look forward to, product glides considerably make domestic great majority medium or small battalion of already of steely look forward to is equal to deficit, reduction of output, stop production was become medium or small the only alternative of steely enterprise, regard our country as the Heibei province of base of the largest iron and steel industry, current and provincial those who exceed 2/3 above is medium small steely company has been been in reduce stop production position.

The cost of factor of production such as upriver the sources of energy, raw material lasts exalted, in pressure of cost of small steely company already can'ted bear heavy burden.

China is the country of rolled steel production with the biggest whole world and exit country, but China does not have dominant authority in negotiation of international iron ore. This year Bao Gang and the iron ore of two develop negotiate in, position of this kind of weak power more hasten is apparent, price negotiation rises finally considerably with iron ore price wind up.

And the pressure that faces cost to rise considerably, country is big in the impact that small steely company gets is long-range at large and steely enterprise. The report that seizes association of Chinese iron and steel industry shows, use the steelworks with iron ore different situation, the cost pressure that faces is different also. From the point of the circumstance last year, use produce iron ore to occupy oneself than 50% above, or the enterprise that imports mine to implement long-term commerce contract, long-term and marine contract, production cost of steel-making cast iron rises compared to the same period 12% the left and right sides; Use produce iron ore oneself 30% the left and right sides, or entrance mine carries out long-term commerce contract, long-term and marine contract to occupy than 50% right-and-left enterprises, production cost of steel-making cast iron rises compared to the same period 26% the left and right sides; Mine proportion is bought outside using tall, execute the enterprise that commerce of merchandise on hand and immediate and marine contract give priority to, production cost of steel-making cast iron rises compared to the same period 55% the left and right sides. The iron ore price this year rises bigger, to steel the influence of look forward to also can increase accordingly.
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