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Low export? China will export steel price to pass tone to fall to day in Septemb
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Mix of business of Chinese steel ironworks falls hot-rolling steel coils price be related makes move rise in price the course of study of Japanese iron and steel of case person astonied, this means data market to appearing change. Report points out, because state of Chinese steely supply and demand alleviates, say to forbid psychology to spread in a lot of industries, chinese manufacturer will be right September shift of exit steel price falls 100 dollars, every tons of price not as good as 1, 000 dollars, the Japanese a person of same business such as this and new day iron plans to coil steel of hot-rolling of South Korea of 10-12 month export price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality goes up 10% to 1, the photograph of course of action of 100 dollars is compared, apparent big Xiang Jingting.

Report earlies childhood, the Chinese firm such as saddle hill iron and steel is increasing the exit amount of low H profiled bar, at the same time the export steel price middle east from 1, 400 more than dollar falls greatly to 900 dollars.

Because industry of Beijing and other places is produced during Beijing abstruse contest,with construction the project accepts restriction of governmental policy institute, because of this steely demand coast, this also is one of causes that cause Chinese steely manufacturer to quicken exit pace.

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