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Too steel becomes container of type of domestic exclusive coal tub to use stainl
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Too steel realized width 1500mm successfully a few days ago - 2000mm is offerred in the batch production that collect canister box uses cold rolling board, become country the first, also be exclusive container of type of a canister uses stainless steel board supplier. Before this, too steel refrigerates container board already entered company of world famous container, become the cold storage container with the greatest whole world to use stainless steel the supplier of cold rolling board.

The fast growth of Chinese volume of foreign trade drove haven container handling capacity to grow quickly, come nearly 10 years, of handling capacity of Chinese haven container add fast maintain in 25% the left and right sides, of handling capacity of container of haven of far outclass whole world add fast. In make global container the largest handling capacity after the ground, china also grows it is the demand land with the biggest container.

Product of series of stainless steel container basically has two kinds from the cent on the structure: Traditional casing type and coal tub type, traditional casing type basically points to cold storage container, basically use carry cold bright product; Container of coal tub type belongs to pressure vessel kind equipment, basically use the danger such as carriage chemical raw material to taste.

Through too the effort of personnel of steel sale, technology, in September 2007, too steel uses wide cut equipment of cold rolling board, the stainless steel of high strenth cold rolling that produced ply successfully to be more than 3mm, width to be more than 1500mm for user of coal tub box board, become country the first also is exclusive container of type of a canister uses stainless steel board supplier. Current, as too the stable production of equipment of aircraft of cold rolling of steel wide cut, container of coal tub type uses stainless steel cold rolling board already can batch production, of high quality too cold rolling of steel wide cut board will replace current entrance product in the round. (Xinhua net)

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