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Treasure steel cutting tool uses martensite stainless steel excellent be able to
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Since this year, the tripartite that approbates by the European Union detects the cutting tool that the martensite stainless steel of own to using Bao Gang research and development makes orgnaization SGS undertook tens of second soaking tests, even second through. This development is successful only one year much stainless steel is tasted newly with outstanding hardness and corrosion resistance can, those who help domestic cutting tool made an enterprise had stridden an European Union " green " doorsill. Go up month, the lunar output that this tastes anew already broke through 1000 tons, become stainless steel branch a new profit point of growth.
Our country is tool production big country, only Guangdong in relief river is taken with respect to assemble many 2000 professional production firms, want every year to use up many stainless steel, 80 % use the product at exit. In recent years, the European Union is right import cutting tool examine quarantine standard rises ceaselessly, the product must pass special soaking tests, immerse for some time in the standard solution of constant temperature namely, in order to check the corrosion resistance of the product. Because traditional and homebred cutting tool uses on the high side of content of stainless steel carbon, corrosion resistance can be like person meaning very much, make the percent of pass of soaking tests is controlled for 85 % only. This brings about domestic cutting tool to make an enterprise be when market of development Europe high end directly, use data of import stainless steel normally.
Be aimed at demand of this one market, branch of center of technology of stainless steel of treasure steel academy, stainless steel and department of government of stainless steel breed cooperate with cheek by jowl, the development that began to start cutting tool to use product of martensite stainless steel from last year, production and market develop the work. Center of stainless steel technology is in a large number of assimilation to absorb the foundation of mature product to go up, through adjusting alloying element, balance product hardness is mixed corrosion resistance can, optimize smelt craft to wait, development gave this kind of particular product. In producing a course, stainless steel branch and center of stainless steel technology cooperate cheek by jowl, with one action captured the technical difficulty such as blemish of slit of easy generation of martensite stainless steel. Department of government of stainless steel breed is mixed in early days of product research and development center of stainless steel technology began market survey together, understood cutting tool adequately to use the specifications of product of martensite stainless steel and market characteristic. In product trial-produce process, stainless steel breed managed a ministry to have effective and timely technology sale, those who accelerated a product commercialize a process.
After entering dimensions to turn production this year, the user is approbated to this product height, order is thick as hail, lunar output is climbed steadily litre. Go up month, lunar output breaks through 1000 tons first, realize gain. Current, the applied domain with stainless steel still is in this kind of cutting tool that has own intellectual property to be extended ceaselessly, be regarded as to decide the stainless steel stuff that knife net wears by the well-known company such as Philip not only, still replaced product of traditional 430 stainless steel, as decorated an application to arrive to construct decorate field.
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