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Department of Commerce releases ferroalloy to export a license explain get a con
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Department of Commerce exports a license about making clear ferroalloy explain the letter that receives condition and program to concern an issue

[issue an unit] department of foreign trade of Department of Commerce

[issue article order] trade work cases [2008]196 date

[issue date] 2008-09-02

Extra urgent

City of only kind of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan and Xinjiang production build corps business affairs to be in charge of a branch:

My ministry issued the basis on August 19, 2008 " about ferroalloy and citric acid (salt) exit is permitted explain the announcement that receives condition and order " (2008 the 56th) , what export ferroalloy the license now is specific declare program and pertinent question to be as follows clearly:

One, about industry data the newspaper sends means and portion number. Delegate of requirement legal entity signs issue guarantee, in order to confirm the real effectiveness of all application material, make all material scanning CD (add list) . Among them, original of bill of all value added tax, exit is special bill original and acting export goods prove original beard takes a picture or scanning types CD (add EXCEL detail table) . CD in duplicate, bound into book written material, sign up for along with all the others send seat branch of provincial commerce director.

2, about the examine and verify of industry data the newspaper sends. Ask provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to have pool of examine and verify to all company application material (include CD and written material) , the key checks original of afore-mentioned bill of value added tax reach Xerox, exit special bill original and photocopy and original of proof of acting export goods and photocopy, after ensuring original and Xerox be identical are consistent, return original application company. Ask provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to be opposite after collect of examine and verify of all company application material, unified issue application to case or recommend case (add company list) , (add CD) the newspaper sends Department of Commerce () of foreign trade department, (add CD and written material) copy to chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry.

3, about be being checked on company exit and net of the gain that offer money. Ask provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to supervise and urge the Internet that the company records 5 mineralization of Chinese to be versed in chamber of commerce of imports and exports debuts at the same time " ferroalloy checks a system " (Http:// accepts ferroalloy business check on exit and net of the gain that offer money.

4, export gain to ask about partial breed. To involving ferromanganese of ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silicon exit reachs the company that offers money, ask volumes of afore-mentioned export of 3 kinds of products are total 2007 (current business) measure for goods with exit aggregate (manufacturing company) all must achieve 3000 tons of above; To other ferroalloy breed, requirement enterprise is offerred 2007 the exit customs declaration of these breed (Xerox) with sheet of cancel after verification (Xerox) can, but the demand that does not make buccal amount.
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