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Too the stainless steel that steel makes the whole world have competition abilit
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Since this year, too steel group relies on technical innovation further, exert oneself is advanced energy-saving decrease a platoon, the stainless steel that makes the whole world have competition ability most with all one's strength produces a business.

Too Li Xiaobo of steel group president expresses, the train that runs on domestic railroad now, the axle of 90% is to use too steel stainless steel does, not only such, too the stainless steel of steel still is used on spacecraft. The housing of the missile of east wind series, launch housing system, it is too steel does, the spacecraft of divine boat series, very multi-purpose too the product of steel, still have project of goddess in the moon, also use too steel product, now no matter be national major project, priority discipline, almost every place can see too the rolled steel of steel.

Li Xiaobo says, too steel group can have such result, as a result of,be too steel group takes technical innovation seriously, carried out technical reformation 3 rounds. These 3 rounds of technical reformation promoted a product quality not only, and promoted energy-saving decrease a platoon.

Since this year, large quantities of one advanced and applicable energy-saving technologies are in too steel gets popularize and be applyinged. Jiaolu provides dry extinguish anxious unit entirely; Agglomeration machine deploys hot waste gas to reclaim entirely reach more than heat to reclaim system; Blast furnace is used outside lukewarm hot-blast stove of Gao Feng burning type, roof is deployed all press gas reclaim reach gas beyond press turbine to generate electricity device, use completely dry method to remove dust; Converter uses dry method to remove dust, distribute unit of stock vaporization refrigeration.

Li Xiaobo says, these energy-saving projects that decrease a platoon had been been too rise abruptly of steel group quickly laid solid foundation, next, too the fixed position that steel group is expanding train of thought is, build project change for oneself by oneself the project is mixed and buy recombine to be united in wedlock, on product development, by coessential change a product to transform to characteristic and high-end product, on business development, develop downstream up by steely mainstream layer, realize industrial diversity, let too steel does not become rusty to be famous in the world truly.

Li Xiaobo says, to 2010, too the stainless steel company that steel wants make it whole world to have competition ability most, dimensions the biggest, equipment is the most advanced, breed standards is the fullest, cost lowest, quality is best. Do around stainless steel big, do strong, make choice, do complete, let truly too steel stainless steel makes the world the first. "925 " end, strive for last year on the foundation, sales revenue breaks up one time again, come true -1863462912.

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