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Treasure steel group buys the strategy to restrict decrease support desire
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Today, country's biggest iron and steel appears on the market share of company treasure steel will take the lead in make completely current weight, its are big 11 of hold of group of partner treasure steel, 900, 917, 441 are restricted to make work will appear on the market current. Treasure steel group this lift a ban the amount is huge, if what oppose twelve billion nine hundred and fifty-four million total lift a ban, by closing quotation price is calculated 6.69 yuan yesterday, need capital eighty-six billion six hundred and sixty-two million yuan, take the close in part that market total lift a ban will measure August.

Treasure steel group declared where one stands a few days ago, "Will comparative henceforth the plan that share of the steel that hold treasure did not reduce inside period of time " . Yesterday, room of Dong Bi of treasure steel share concerns a personage to confirm to the reporter, the apiration of large stockholder and a few days ago make known his position to do not have any change, will continue to obtain the investment value of treasure steel share through hold stock.

Be not at present decrease run good chance

Analytic personage thinks, regard center as look forward to, treasure steel group is right lift a ban the consideration of the respect wants with the country endowment appoint maintain height to agree. In the country endowment appoint in asking state-owned company maintains the atmosphere that accuses equity absolutely for many times, treasure steel group " do not sell " determination is beyond question. In addition, the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, look from the angle of accrual, also not be undersell good chance at present. The treasure steel group that investment of company of much home banking, perfectness finance has below the banner, nature won't have covered in the undersell below adverse market condition old stock.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad bright expresses analyst of Central Plains negotiable securities, before lift a ban appears two kinds of phenomena: It is small blame lift a ban is more, big blame lift a ban is less; 2 it is share price the comparison of the lift a ban in rising is much, the comparison of the lift a ban in dropping is little. Treasure steel share is done not have " small blame " , company share price is in all the time again drop passageway, decreasing right now hold the loss outweights the gain. Flower Li Daxiao of director of institute of old negotiable securities expresses, what the person that size is not hold basically considers is, when to decrease hold can make benefit the greatest change. Hu Hao thinks, of near future of treasure steel stock decrease maintain pressure and not quite, but if company share price rises exorbitant, because large perhaps stockholder is bought, the element such as investment appears financing is tight, do not eliminate future to carry out reduce executive possibility.
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