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Pan Gang promotes rail brand competition ability
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On September 23, the author pledges from ability the ministry learns, since entering second half of the year, use the product quality of rail to ensure railroad, this are strengthening foundation of groovy quality pilot to go up, established rail to protect produce working party, made rail protect produce a key to control measure. This is situation of market of the union that involve steel, adopt what measure improves rail brand quality ceaselessly actively to reflect.
Regard fist as the product, the railroad that involve steel is obtained early or late with rail and held Sichuan province and title of product of Chinese famous brand, export exempt from examinations at was being obtained last year " green pass " . The brand competition ability that uses rail with promoting railroad continuously is a target, pan Gang holds to from tight management, from difficult tackle key problem, will obtain honor to serve as new start, it is the top level of quality management with user satisfaction, the quality in increasing rail to produce controls strength, execute monitoring of whole technological process to rail quality; Increased rail to produce process technology to supervise, put an end to violate the rules and regulations to violate make. Link the higher demand of the market and user to rail variety quality, pan Gang increased essence of life to refine administrative strength further, wait to affecting the large tool of rail product quality, facility execute a project to be in charge of making, had improvement in quality, laid a foundation to stabilize rail objective quality. Produce the requirement that examines to quality to satisfy to the limit of one's capacity of 100 meters of rail, quality department was improved online detected at 3 o'clock mode, improved the examination efficiency of 100 meters of rail, produce the need of 100 meters of rail in order to satisfy all-purpose line big batch. Strengthening interior while quality manages, user service department still increased rail user technology to serve strength,

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