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Aluminium has authority to overrule two develop to be bought in case
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"We do not comment on the case that need and needs develop buys force develop, but the largest single stockholder that regards force as develop, we are in of two develop buy there is veto on the case. " on September 2, after the metaphase outstanding achievement that Xiao Yaqing is in Hong Kong can be met, to our newspaper the reporter expresses, have not be surely definitely at present can be accepted or object " two develop " buy.

Regard Chinese aluminium as Inc. of course of study (601600.SH, the president of 2600.HK) , xiao Yaqing is being accepted include our newspaper reporter inside when media is interviewed, emphasize, although Australian government has been approved in aluminium is in of force develop hold can add at most to 14.99% , but company of aluminous estate of parent company China won't be added temporarily hold the share in force develop, this decision and cash flow a state to have nothing to do.

"In aluminium pays close attention to the commerce between two develop closely all the time to run, the production that the purpose wants to be in company of world mining industry namely has his sound and effect among management activity, the development that is future creates more opportunity. " his explanation says.

The dilate of overseas market, premise is the growth stability of home market and gain. But this year first half of the year, in because aluminium is in suffer product sale price to drop, cost rises and the influence of natural disaster, net profit is compared the corresponding period decreased last year 65.4% to the RMB 2.41 billion yuan. The global chess bureau with the ambitious aluminium in this meeting influence?

Xiao Yaqing expresses, the plan is cut the investment cost of 20% country project, but to established overseas investment project, investment won't decrease. This includes about 1 million tons to produce per year a quantity, the Saudi Arabia that always invests 4.5 billion dollar electroanalysises aluminous factory, and initial investment 3.2 billion bay yuan project of bauxite of Australian Ao Lukun.

Force develop rights and interests: Of short duration not infuse appears on the market company

" 21 centuries " : The outstanding achievement first half of the year grew force develop this year 55% , do you add the near future the plan of the develop that hold power? Can you transfer the rights and interests of force develop from the parent company appear on the market company?

Xiao Yaqing: We are very glad to see Australian government is the closest the share that the aluminium in was being approved continues to add the develop that hold power, to in for aluminium, this is an opportunity, we can be in appropriate when add hold the share in force develop. Of course, be increase or reduce share, want to treat integral market condition.

The outstanding achievement of force develop is very pretty good, proving we invest this company is correct. The force develop, gain outstanding achievement that need and needs two companies announce develop is in our anticipation, their growth is very good. But the rights and interests that at present we had not planned a force develop is put appear on the market company.
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