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Bao Gang concrete of channel of 4 broken bits irrigates one blast furnace build
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A few days ago, the field of taphole of one blast furnace that by Bao Ye ministry of building branch project assumes channel of 4 broken bits shifts to an earlier date pouring concrete. This is since stopping furnace, building branch government and work staff fight bravely day and night, against time triumphal achievement.
This taphole field transforms project condition difference, time limit for a project close, across works much, material carries difficulty, fight bravely to try hard to overcome a lot of and adverse element in the construction personnel of taphole field, accelerate construction plan. Clear through occasion, swing of cut of broken bits channel, measure fixed position, reinforcing steel bar to decorate wait for a series of jobs, of channel of 4 broken bits irrigate build the task to be finished smoothly, shift to an earlier date 3 days than the plan, percent of pass is achieved 100% .

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