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Australian agriculture and rich Bureau of Economics (Australian Bureau Of Agricultural And Resource Economics, abbreviation: Abare) express 22 days, coking coal price predicts to will be maintained in Gao Shuiping, this will conduce to pull move Australian coking coal to export frontal violent wind to rise.

Price of coking coal contract is in more than double have grow in round of negotiation recently, price of coal of high grade hard coking plant reachs about 300 dollars / ton. Abare points out, rise in price many pull motivation to still exist.

Preliminary data shows, australia up to the 08 money June 30 year forehead of coking coal exit grows 5% to come 15.8 billion bay yuan, but rise in price as a result of settle accounts, this data predicts to will be gone up to repair.

Abare says, suffer rise in price and exit measures those who grow 7% to anticipate to pull move, australia 09 money year forehead of coking coal exit predicts to will be achieved 44 billion bay yuan.

The whole world predicts 8 years to all will grow 5.5% to control with consumption of coal of 9 years of coking, china and India are main growth driving force. India predicts 8 years to will grow 12% with entrance of coal of 9 years of coking.

Abare says, the reserve of domestic coking coal that Indian iron and steel produces driving growth and inferior quality will bring about India to the entrance depend on degree increase, and China has high quality domestic refine cooking coal to lay in, increase global market tension, predict to come to focusing satisfy requirement at raising domestic yield.

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