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China is marine value of rolled steel market will be exalted concussion
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In a variety of elements joint action falls, marine rolled steel market presents soft state, decrease as order of global shipping market, china is marine rolled steel market may appear to beg a situation for be more than, predicting market value will be exalted concussion.

Since recently, early days is stable all the time to good marine rolled steel market presents soft moving state, trade relatively insipid, the price somewhat fall after a rise, operator shipment not free, appear to later period market not very value. Terminal user demand puts delay, predict to be in short-term inside the rolled steel price such as boat board will still fluctuate small.

Enter after August, boat board market is relatively fatigued and weak, trade quite delicate, the price falls continuously, case of the market price after can foreknowing from this will still go low. Be in domestic other area, value of boat board market also fluctuates somewhat, the saddle steel that is like field of the Fuzhou City produces 10mm ship board, the quote August 15 is 7, 600 yuan / ton, and it is in the quote August 1 7, 900 yuan / ton, drop 300 yuan / ton; The Shao Gang on Guangzhou market produces 20mm boat board quotes from 7, 550 yuan / ton reduce 7, 250 yuan / ton, drop 300 yuan / ton; The boat in and other places of Jinan, Ning Bo, Wuhan, Chongqing board the price all has 200 to reach 300 yuan / ton drop extent, and the market trades tend delicate.

Bring about market of boat board rolled steel to drop in temperature, the reason of price fall after a rise is very much, among them one of it is downstream terminal demand somewhat slow down. Since 2008, special drop in boom of industry of near future shipbuilding, right marine momentum of growth of rolled steel demand is apparent slow down. Be like recently a few months, output of steel qualitative shipping increases a level considerably cut. Show according to statistic of national statistic bureau, crop of civil steel qualitative shipping will is July one million four hundred and seventeen thousand four hundred always ton, than June one million seven hundred and fifty thousand five hundred always ton, decrease 333 thousand always ton, drop 19% ; The output of civil steel qualitative shipping June falls than May again 7.2% , the output May falls than April 18.3% . Fall after a rise of amplitude of crop of countrywide steel qualitative shipping drops with annulus comparing, shipbuilding industry is right boat board and marine rolled steel demand also will decrease, this is to bring about home the main reason of the defeat below value of shipbuilding board market.

Depend on international shipbuilding industry growing impetus to also be in secondly abate, new vessel order drops considerably. Enter after 2008, global shipbuilding industry begins to face a lot of uncertainty: Such as United States second borrow the crisis to have the sign that permeates to global shipbuilding industry, shipping financing faces dilemma; The rolled steel that iron ore causes and raw material go up greatly, let shipbuilding industry can't bear heavy burden, the Gao Jing that changes job of early days shipbuilding enrages condition. According to statistic of Clarkson newest data, the new vessel order that the whole world carries on first half of the year dropped than 7 years of the corresponding period 47.8% , carring capacity ton glided 30.1% . The whole world will receive order newly July 2, 740 thousand carring capacity ton, decrease compared to the same period 6.6% ; 1 come to will receive order newly in all July 11, 258 thousand carring capacity ton (30.66 million amend ton of) , decrease compared to the same period 24% , be issued to lower levels of boom of shipping manufacturing industry already was become finality. The order with global new shipbuilding presents downtrend, explain world shipbuilding industry does not have early days boom, suffer its to affect, marine the growth momentum of rolled steel demand also fall after a rise.
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