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Hair change appoint: The high cost such as rolled steel can product export still
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A variety of evidence are showing, the exit situation of second half of the year still nots allow this year hopeful.

National hair changes appoint released yesterday analysis of foreign trade situation will point out July, whole 1 ~ July, china is exported compared to the same period (similarly hereinafter) add fast 26.9% , add under the entrance fast 8.5 percent, accumulative total of foreign trade favourable balance one hundred and twenty-three billion seven hundred and twenty million dollar, drop 9.6% .

This report to a certain number of issues of attention need in reminding current foreign trade to move, at present a few " two tall one endowment " (tall pollution, high cost can be mixed resource sex) product export still increases.

In fact, decision-making layer does not hope to see this, will rise on July 1 last year, the exit drawback of 2831 commodity is made adjust, its purpose depends on decreasing " two tall one endowment " the exit of the product. Come round to look from eye, this policy still did not get the result on the exit of a few commodity, for instance urea, rolled steel.

In addition, this report points out, 1 ~ in July, dress and clothing accessories export 62.49 billion dollar, grow 3.4% , under on year the corresponding period is added fast 19.6 percent. Among them, will mix Feburary exit will drop that month June more, compare respectively on year the corresponding period drops 12.5% with 15% ; Will export 12.53 billion dollar July, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 3.1% , under on year the corresponding period is added fast 25.1 percent.

Te Luobinsen tells horse of economist of grade orgnaization Moody " daily of the first finance and economics " : "Spin dress is the important facet of favourable balance of Chinese foreign trade, whole result of Chinese foreign trade is like person meaning very much first half of the year, surplus of Chinese foreign trade drops compared to the same period first half of the year about 12% .

Of coincidence is, in August 14 ~ 16 days, discuss principles of leading Party group of Chinese Department of Commerce can be held in Tianjin, study the direction that business affairs of a paragraph of period will work henceforth, target, make clear working key. Chen Deming of minister of Department of Commerce emphasizes, all sorts of change that environment of current domestic and international economy appears, bring a lot of challenge already, also offerred opportunity to accelerate change economy to develop way. Business affairs job should serve further at overall situation, exert oneself is adjusted optimize a structure, advance development means to transform.

Come round to look from eye, american economy puts delay, the influence that exports to China in second half of the year still will be compared far-reaching. Whole 1 ~ July, china realizes favorable balance of trade to the United States 91.67 billion dollar, than going up year of the corresponding period raise 3.37 billion dollar, grow 3.8% only.
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