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Structural sex is superfluous let a steel feel hibernate of chill reduction of o
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"Enter a winter, resemble a snake, if not coil is worn hibernate, show ability wanders everywhere even, with respect to adumbrative death. " held yesterday " head steel innovation achieves communication of actor poineering experience to meet " on, head Zhu Jimin of steel group president gives orders gravely, should take out countermeasure to answer as soon as possible " in the winter " come, "Depreciate hibernate of '' of sales promotion, reduction of output ' will become normal state. "Depreciate hibernate of '' of sales promotion, reduction of output ' will become normal state..
Global economic depression already spread to steely industry, chinese steely bound felt chill already deeply.
Demand atrophy makes steely course of study enters inflection point
American banking crisis makes global economy cheats a shadow. Zhu Jimin says, this year first half of the year crop of our country crude steel 263 million tons, annual predicts to produce can exceed 570 million tons, iron and steel produces can superfluous situation more apparent, once demand of inside and outside glides, will be immersed in very quickly produce need contradiction in, structural sex is superfluous already also showed, already faced major transition and stern test now.
Price of upriver former fuel rises substantially for years continuously, bring about company cost to rise considerably. According to statistic, the whole nation is large and medium-sized first half of the year steely enterprise cast iron made cost on average rise 57.57 % .
More austere is, downstream industry is in to steely demand atrophic. Zhu Jimin says, "The demand of real-estate industry occupies the 25 % left and right sides of steely consumption, backwater of this share market, mean those who have 1/4 to produce can do not have exit. Mean those who have 1/4 to produce can do not have exit..
And annulus will compare car market this year in August dropped 7.56 % . Shipbuilding industry order of global new vessel dropped compared to the same period first half of the year this year 30 % . Acute of relevant container market demand is decreased. The company production such as mechanical, home appliance also glides in succession, contradiction of steely supply and demand is increasingly outstanding.
Head steel profit and loss is nodded evenly by puncture
Your steel look forward to people those who feel penetrative chill is, first half of the year steel price hurricane, and second half of the year drops quickly however greatly. From this year the price will achieve acme to arrive in June on October 9, price of countrywide rolled steel falls every tons 1120 yuan differ to 2600 yuan, drop extent achieves 30 % left and right sides on average. In September the middle ten days of a month, 25 steelworks that head with Bao Gang announce to depreciate, but sell still difficult.
Another current situation is, this year in August, output of our country steel appears nearly 10 years first negative growth, a few enterprises are immersed in stop production and deficit condition. "Depreciate hibernate of '' of sales promotion, reduction of output ' will become normal state. " Zhu Jimin is a little heavy. Since second half of the year, 32 steelworks such as saddle steel, fierce steel announce reduction of output, some province of 2/3 medium or small steely company reduction in production, stop production, some industries appear bigger loss. A few abroader steel look forward to also announces reduction of output in succession.
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