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Western Central Bank lowers interest together answer financial crisis
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Integrated Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Washington, Frankfurt, London and Ottawwa reporter report: The west is main central bank adopts economic system 8 days to act to lower interest rate at the same time jointly, answer to be mixed to current financial crisis hard restore market confidence.

That day, the Central Bank of the country such as bank of England of Central Bank of committee of American federal reserve, Europe, England and Canada, Switzerland and Sweden all announces will standard interest rate reduces 0.5 percent.

The associated statement that published that day according to a few big Central Banks says, aggravate of latter banking crisis increased risk of be issued to lower levels, alleviate global finance condition needs to adopt lower interest measure. Central Bank of main economy system is opposite the west current financial crisis undertook close negotiation decides to adopt combination to act persistent mixing in order to answer the crisis.

That day, cloth of beautiful couplet Chu Xuan will be confederative fund interest rate namely interest rate of short-term loan of night of commercial bank interval reduces 0.5 percent, fall 1.5% . European Central Bank announces will standard interest rate from 4.25% fall to 3.75% . British England bank announces will standard interest rate falls to 4.5% . Canadian Central Bank announces to fall interest rate to 2.5% . Switzerland and Swedish Central Bank announce will standard interest rate falls respectively to 2.5% with 4.25% .

Beautiful couplet Chu Zaisheng bright in say, economic activity is changed infirmly and inflationary pressure drops is beautiful couplet store the basis that this close pelt breath acts. Nearly a few months come, economic growth pace is remarkable slow down, queasy aggravate may control money market further consumptive spending, family and enterprise obtain the ability of credit to drop further. In inflationary respect, beautiful couplet store think the sources of energy and other goods price fall and rein in of economic growth pace reduced inflation to rise risk.

Beautiful couplet store still express, economy of will close monitoring and money market situation develop, be in take action when necessary, stimulative economy grows to be stabilized with the price continuously. (Origin: Xinhua net)

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