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Contract coal price still rises the attune on sale electrovalency anticipates in
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In September the last ten-day of a month up to now, domestic economy increases fast hasten delay and downstream demand abate, make market price of domestic power coal appears for a time small callback, add international coal price to steep fall considerably element, the anticipation that the market drops to coal price is strengthened gradually. However, not long ago has a message to say, tone goes up to sell electrovalency and the anticipation of online electrovalency again inside year more intense also.

Drop in coal price in anticipate and expectant gain is being moved to weichi on electrovalency, although there is different point of view inside course of study, but analytic personage thinks generally, the attune on the near future sells electrovalency to basically do not have be concerned about, and whether can tone online electrovalency go up to want those who see coal value to go next again inside year situation.

However, many power companies are not bought " anticipate coal price glides " Zhang. Controller of company of a power of Shandong expresses to the reporter, although short-term develop high market coal price really somewhat fall after a rise, but occupy the contract coal price with larger proportion to be in ascendant passageway as before, electric look forward to still can'ts bear heavy burden.

Market coal price falls contract coal price rises

"The circumstance of 5% decreases to fall than 2 quarters in 3 quarters electricenergy production, the defray instead that 3 quarters use the company at buying coal increased than 2 quarters 6% - 6.5% . " the controller of one home appliance look forward to of Shandong tells a reporter, the reason that the cost that buy coal does not fall to rise instead is very simple, company place buys contract coal price 3 quarters raise 13 % above than 2 quarters, the price of costly market coal that market confused sends is in the last ten-day of a month will have particular fall after a rise really in September, but company since this year Feburary, the average price that buys coal rises with the rate month by month of 3% all the time, last up to now.

To stablize the coal price that shoot up, national hair changes appoint will release electric coal price fixing 2 times to make on July 24 this year, ask pair of main haven and coal of distribution centre motivation execute highest price fixing, the haven motivation coal such as harbor of island of emperor of formulary the Qin Dynasty, Tianjin harbor, Tang Shan harbor makes the same score a storehouse the price, must not exceed on June 19 price level, send quantity of heat namely level of price fixing of coal of motivation of kilogram of 5500 kilocalorie / is every tons respectively 860 yuan, 840 yuan mix 850 yuan.

However, the company with listed controller of this report look forward to buys the average price list of coal to show this year, the raw coal price that the company buys rises all the way, had exceeded 800 yuan to August, but the coal that the company buys coal drops continuously character, be in at present 4600 kilocalorie / kilogram left and right sides, want deviate of more qualitative than normal coal level 10% .
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