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Korea agency and importer are faced with it is dangerous to close down
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Agency of Korea rolled steel and front of rolled steel importer are faced it is dangerous to close down. Because the demand of main and downstream trade such as home appliance, car and construction is low,this is fan bring about a sale to decrease, capital have enough to meet need is bad also, it is very difficult also to borrow money from the bank below this circumstance. From this concern of industry of Korea iron and steel appears to close down a chain ofly now phenomenon. With hot-rolling board coils importer is exemple, they are in in the entrance dollar of Han Yuan add the hot-rolling of the 1000 contracts when Han Yuan, but exchange rate is as high as 1300 now Han Yuan, count Han Yuan's loss. Express about the personage inside course of study, "Sale decreases considerably, add encounter exchange rate problem, entrance price also rises considerably, if this kind of situation continues continuously, avoid to close down hard. Avoid to close down hard..
The market circulates KB company announced the armor plate importer with Korea boiler the biggest hill yesterday today go bankrupt, KB company had obtained fund from the bank today, there is not capital problem now.

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