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The price falls to enterprise of cost line coke in succession reduction of outpu
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Because steelworks is decreased greatly to coke demand, price of domestic and international coke falls defeat in succession, a few enterprises even undersell of lose money in business, at present cooking enterprise is put generally in reduction of output to be restricted to produce. A few days ago, gold of director of guild of Chinese coking plant works to express on one coal forum, level of cooking company profit will glide considerably accordingly.

Do the introduction according to gold, from June countrywide coke crop achieves 1.04 million tons (highest sheet produces per month a quantity on the history) later, whole coke market begins month by month to glide. Among them, july, as a result of the Olympic Games and global economy glide, bring about countrywide steely crop to grow extent to drop, make thereby countrywide coke output falls reach 970 thousand tons, output will fall further August reach 957 thousand tons.

Gold doing says, at present company of a batch of small-sized cooking of domestic has shut by force of pressure halt production, a batch of large companies criterion in succession reduction of output is restricted to produce in 50% above, the situation is grimmer.

"By 7, data is knowable August, countrywide coal output drops continuously. " gold doing points out, enter the time of nearly half month after October especially in, countrywide coke crop is to drop considerably more.

"Because the whole world is mixed,at present steely market of China is in great pressure in, our country almost all cooking factories are reduction of output is restricted to produce, the price also drops all the way. " gold doing says.

According to introducing, 2 level of domestic are anxious before be in 3000 yuan / or so tons, one class Jiao Da goes to 3200 yuan / ton, specific area achieves 3400 yuan even / ton. And now domestic coke price fall 1000 yuan / or so tons, 2 class are anxious had dropped 2000 yuan / or so tons. "Because rolled steel sells,do not move, a few trading companies are main now not replenish onr's stock (coke) . " gold doing says.

But, gold doing points out at the same time, at present of coke price glide, not be regular price.

"Nearly two weeks coke price level, can say neither one company can gain money. " gold doing points out, at present coke price is completely not plan the price of cost, it is the price that keeps current production merely, won't maintain for a long time go down, what also cannot judge a situation as the market is referenced. He thinks, wait for high cost as a result of demand growth and refine cooking coal prop up, coke market will still move in perch.

Meanwhile, international coke market is paid no attention to as much want.

"International market quote is in now 580 to 600 dollars / ton, with highest the 720 dollars when / ton, have drop considerably, and this one price already appeared a '' to sell do not move ' posture. " gold doing calculates estimation, the export volume of Chinese coke will be achieved this year 12 million reach 13 million tons, under 15 million tons of last year.
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