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The whole world each are big steelworks will increase strength of reduction of o
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Suffer the effect with global queasy finance, steel demand quickness glides, final user and agency are wait-and-see and order new money no longer, of rolled steel market issue explore to force international ceaselessly each are big steelworks increases strength of reduction of output.
Recently, the 2nd big steel of European that place of company of iron and steel of Indian tower tower belongs to produces manufacturer Corus to announced recently, will adopt measure to adjust steel output accordingly. This company spokesman says, "We already noticed now, market of England, export puts delay apparently with meridional demand waiting for steel, we will adopt measure to adjust output, in order to maintain small stock level. In order to maintain small stock level..

Before this, world the biggest steel produces manufacturer company of Er of tower of An Saile rice already claimed reduction in production is average 15% , try to maintain steel price stability. Its are located in the steel output of Wukelan and Kazakstan Si Tan to already cut down 15%-20% .

North America will have more steelworks to join stop production to maintain cavalcade. Afterwards of company of United States of Er of tower of An Saile rice agrees after cloth pulls the blast furnace of a D of harbor factory to will be put out on September 25, will shut the blast furnace of a C-6 that its overcome Li Fulan factory again on October 9, this blast furnace plans to be in formerly stop production will be maintained November. Company of clever steel of benefit of Er thanking Wei will delay MingoJunction plant after 5 blast furnace are maintained restart. Early before, american steel company (USS) announce to plan to will be mixed in October to Mengwali factory, case will pull nit city plant and Gary in November the factory undertakes equipment is overhauled. Button company stalking or branch is in respectively 9, 10, to Decatur factory, Kelaofuciweier factory of factory He Baike benefit will have by a definite date November 7 day.

Manufacturer of a few compressed material of boreal Europe already began to arrange overhaul plan, or everyday team and group works the 5-6 from demand height the class is decreased to about 4 classes. Duferco is located in Belgian LaLouviere hot-rolling factory to will close 10-12 day October, and original plan stop production will be overhauled August.

The home or arrangement stop production overhaul Russia and steel of Wu Kelan whorl, wire and manufacturer of square unburnt brick or already shut. Especially Wukelan, because cannot compete with Russia and Chinese steel look forward to, there already are 17 to shut in 36 blast furnace of domestic, and the blast furnace that steelworks still is considering to close other.

Drop to answer demand quickness, chinese old steel mill also will begin in succession reduction of output, heibei is allegedly steely, head add up to of reduction of output of iron and steel of steel, Shandong, An Yang 20% .
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