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Next year of arrival of inflection point of entrance iron ore bay mine price or
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River valley of Brazilian fresh water and Chinese steel look forward to carry valence to form deadlock with respect to iron ore, the reporter learned a few days ago, the domestic steel look forward to such as fierce steel, sanded steel all is denied accept rise in price requirement, the steel in expressing clearly to support assist the decision about boycott Brazil mine, did not make compromise on any breed.
Deny accept fresh water river valley to rise in price requirement
Domestic some media said recently, valence incident is mentioned in fresh water river valley in, 5 steely companies of domestic had made compromise on breed of partial iron ore, accepted rise in price requirement. This one message may mean Chinese steely business again comprehensive concede, also with in steel assist sturdy opposition manner photograph is violated.
But immediately of concerned controller of steel of the Sha Gang that this message involves, Wu Gang, day appears personally to give to this one information deny. Analytic personage expresses, in at present demand of domestic steel products lasts atrophic, steelworks in succession below the circumstance that reduction of output lives, mine of merchandise on hand already with long assist mine price is formed hang. If Chinese steelworks is accepted,raise price, mean potential loss.
Entrance mine inflection point comes
As we have learned, near future of fresh water river valley has sent person specially assigned for a task to inspect home in succession each are big steelworks. The personage inside course of study thinks, this action of fresh water river valley is for the iron ore 2009 the negotiation prepares, the iron ore price that reappraise China steelworks can accept.
Begin crop of Chinese home cast iron to grow to present downtrend all the time from January 2008, will appear to enjoy growth first in August - 1.85% , analytic personage thinks, the iron ore demand that brings from this is abate, the inflection point of supply and demand that will make anticipate before comes ahead of schedule. On the other hand, from this year since 2 quarters, domestic haven stocks is creating the history everyday almost new tall, according to the newest statistic October, stocks of 19 main haven of countrywide is 71 million tons, than 2007 the corresponding period increases 65% .
Analytic personage expresses, the whole world the cast iron crop of 87% (namely iron ore demand) come from China. Conclude according to the data of before 2008 3 quarters, growth of demand of Chinese iron ore was 50 million tons 2008, likely 2009 under 40 million tons. "Can think, inflection point of supply and demand has come, in the near future inside the price will be entered drop passageway. In the near future inside the price will be entered drop passageway..
Valence begins iron ore of merchandise on hand drop
Come from 2003 2008, international iron ore makes public the price to already rose 6 years continuously, australia and accumulative total of Brazilian iron ore go up achieve respectively 410% with 376% . But the outbreak of financial crisis threw into confusion this one situation, the 3rd quarter comes, price of iron ore of merchandise on hand drops reflected change of supply and demand. Since October FOB of iron ore of India of merchandise on hand already fall after a rise comes 80 dollars / or so tons, than 47%~50% dropping when 1 quarter apogee this year.
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