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Demand atrophy Heibei is steely " present as leading role " again 10%~20% of red
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The economic depression that American banking crisis causes, and the influence of ministry economy inside China, make output of product of Chinese main industry progressively fall after a rise, the demand that use steel decreases, this brings about steel price to steep fall continuously, also make dimensions of steelworks reduction of output expands further.

Begin from August, a few in miniature steelworks already in succession reduction of output, little steel look forward to does not keep out the part to produce the high cost of rolled steel and low price even, begin stop production. And domestic steely tycoon also begins to present as leading role now new plan of round of reduction of output. " daily of the first finance and economics " from Heibei iron and steel the group learned yesterday, the company already decided to be in be restricted to produce the foundation of 20% to go up at present, be restricted to produce 10%~20% again, in order to maintain stability of rolled steel market. Analytic personage thinks, unpleasant attack by surprise of reduction of output is downstream demand declining tendency, and this kind fatigued and weak also travel in level of ceaseless upstream raw material.

Support value of reduction of output will be long-term mission

Save Dan of the biggest two steelworks Han through integrated Heibei iron and steel and Tang Gang group, heibei is at present steely group year steel output predicts 31.58 million tons, with the Bao Gang that ranks first place of domestic steely tycoon all the time the group is about the same. Last week, northward steely group of steely group of Shandong of 4 old steel mill, Heibei, head steel group and An Gang group just announce, have reduction in production from October 20% . The steely crop last year takes these 4 companies about 16% of Chinese total output.

According to reporter understanding, heibei steely group basically is this to be in already was restricted to produce the foundation of 20% to go up to be restricted to produce 10%~20% again; Continue to adjust product structure and extent flow direction, the building materials that reduces pair of Beijing ferry areas considerably puts in a quantity; In the light of current market actual condition and steelworks gain circumstance define the building materials lowest price limit of Beijing 冿 area, if under lowest price limit, will adopt level sex stop production, reduction of output to stop to maintain stability of market of Beijing ferry region for waiting for means even.

Why does steelworks add collective reduction in production actively, be restricted to produce range? The personage inside course of study is analysed to the reporter, this basically is with rolled steel price after the section glide considerably have very big concern, "Even more drops inside a week of a lot of breed 1000 yuan / ton. Domestic demand is quite at present low fan, each industry all presents decline evidence, the influence of American banking crisis and the pessimism to economic situation rose to urge action. The influence of American banking crisis and the pessimism to economic situation rose to urge action..
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